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X Utilities

We have some new X utilities to allow pit access from the main site. Please review the X Utilities document mentioned in the reference section. They are:

Network Utilities

Since we are using a tcp/ip based system this year, it is useful for the ROPE expert to be familiar with various network utilities.

Recall that there is a node on the token ring which has an alias //tcpadmin. This node is used by all but 2 nodes for its network information. The tcpadmin node has the hosts file, the networks file and the hosts.equiv file. The tcpadmin node is //oppu6. The other 2 nodes that have full tcpadmin information are //oppu10 and //oppu0. Note that the network names are:

  loopback        127           # used by network messaging
  ether           128.141       # for general ethernet
  domain          192.16.155    # for the apollo token ring at CERN
  oatr            192.65.190    # the apollo token ring at the PIT
  opal-daq        192.65.195    # the private ethernet network

Some useful utilities are: