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Transforming Red Hat's comps.xml File

Scientific Linux 4

The HTML file generated from the Scientific Linux x86_64 version 40 comps.xml file is here in english only. Visit the comps-v4-lang-en_US.html file to browse the HTML-ized comps.xml file.

The extra generated RPM info added here does not include source RPM info. For Scientific Linux the source RPMs are not generated in a way that makes it easy for me to cull this information. Refer to the SRPMs tree at It contains the SL-modified SRPMs and the vendor tree of original and errata SRPMs.

For examples of the XSLT stylesheets, scripts and xalan-generated output used to transform the comps.xml file, see the Red Hat 9 webtree examples, where you will find the scripts and stylesheets which were used to generate the example here.

Note that the javascript-launched mini-windows contain more information than is present in the xml file. The scripts mentioned above were used to loop through the cdrom image files, using RPM queries to extract the additional information and repackage it as extra xml 'food' for the XSLT stylesheets.

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