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On this web site you will find a variety of examples and 'how to' information related to Open Source Software topics. It isn't guaranteed to be accurate, up-to-date, or even useful. It's just 'there' in the spirit of knowledge and idea sharing that is at the heart of the Open Source approach.

The example server recipes are Red Hat / Fedora based; however most of these examples apply readily to other freenix distributions.

Please contact me if you have questions, or if you notice significant and/or annoying errors. Content may change considerably over the next few months as files and directories are updated (and this poor site gets moved _again_ :-O).

Note that this site was previously hosted in the epfl.ch domain as penguin.epfl.ch, misc.epfl.ch, lthsec.epfl.ch and sciconphp.epfl.ch. The node hosting these pages died, but has recently been resurrected as a redirect site.

Linux Workgroup Server Configuration Recipes
General Server Configuration Issues
DHCP Server
NFS Service
Kickstart Server
NIS / Automounter Server
Samba PDC Server
Approaches to Configuring Apache
Chroot-ing an Apache server
Example httpd.conf files
XML Examples
Transforming XML: Red Hat/Fedora comps.xml file
A small WebHowTo XML document framework
Various Code and Shell Script Examples
PHP Examples
HOW-TO Database
Obfuscating an email address with char entity references
GIMP: Some permutations of the E.P.F.L. Logo

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